Occupational Therapy

Occupations are everything that people do. These may include the tasks you do to survive eg eating, dressing, washing, driving, working, budgeting. Also the special skills you need for your job. Other activities are those that maintain our emotional and physical well-being – gardening, golfing, netball, attending church, learning something new. The list is endless.

Occupational Therapists have two roles:

  • if independence is lost in some way, an occupational therapy assessment of personal function and/or the person’s environment (work, home or community venue) will help identify adaptations required – either in the way a person carries out that activity or in environmental adaptation.
  • The second role is in remediation via involvement in a meaningful activity. For example “thinking” games to help improve concentration. It is important that the level of challenge presented in the activity is carefully selected to be at a therapeutic and effective level. This is where the occupational therapist’s skill of assessment and task analysis becomes important.

Some Occupational Therapists become very specialised. However typically in rural areas the occupational therapist encounters a variety of conditions and situations and needs to be a “good generalist” - able to be adaptable, innovative and grounded using core occupational therapy skills; and calling on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Restart Rehab offers occupational therapists who are experienced and live and work in the same rural communities that you do. We know the challenges you face living rurally, and we also appreciate the unique and special communities we have in North Rodney and South Kaipara. We are available to support you to regain or maintain the activities and life-roles that are important to you.